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New Website for Linda Diane Taylor

Welcome and thank you for stopping by.

My intent is to present my art for purchase and share art techniques.  I'm thinking I may include stories about my art and my world.  The site is a living being and hopefully will change and grow.

In time you  will find:

  • Original Oil and Acrylic Paintings
  • Drums
  • Hand painted Drum Sticks
  • Upcycled Vinyl Records
  • Hand Painted Jewelry
  • Digital Art
  • Merchandise from My Art
  • Blog articles about art, art techniques and my world.
  • New ideas

New logo

I’ve designed a new logo for my Art and Website.  It represents the diversity of my art and my world.

My Art is very diverse and "eclectic". I paint portraits in oils and acrylics.  In my portfolio you will find watercolor and pastel paintings, many pet portraits, abstract and realistic paintings and more.  A few collages and drums with and without paintings.  After learning acrylic pouring I started hand painting drum sticks. More recently I started creating new art from junk.  I call it creative rescue and reuse.

I thrive on experimenting and exploring. Taking techniques and ideas from a variety of sources.

Many say it is best if an artist sticks with one medium and one theme with their art.  I don’t follow that theory.

Diversity works for me.

Getting over another fear!

I don’t like my photo taken so when it was suggested I record a  video I really had to step out of my comfort zone.

Keeping in alignment with learning and growing here I go.


My new website is up and running.  It's not finished and I'm not sure it ever will be.  The site's become like living entity.  Always changing and growing.

Take a moment to say hello.  Learn more about my Art Journey on the About Page.

I have a very lengthy privacy policy page explaining how your information you send me is used. I don't generally send out mass emails so I'm not asking you to join a mailing list.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to write them below.

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